Men's t-shirt in peach color, made of superlight crepe cotton: a special natural material, fresh and ultralight at the same time, perfect to every outfit of the summer days. Made in Italy.
Men's t-shirt in peach color, made of linen jersey: a basic and versatile style in the most important material of the summer season. Soft and superlight. Made in Italy.
Short sleeve polo sweater with ribbed finish on neck, knitted cuffs and knitted edge, peach color. Made with supima crepe cotton's extra twisted yarn, crafted with shaved knitting stitch. The matt appearance that...
Long sleeve crewneck cable sweater, made of 100% extra long Egyptian cotton braided for a classic, colorful and performant garment, melon orange color. Glamour and softness in a secured style garment. Made in Italy.
Short sleeve crewneck sweater with ribbed neck, knitted cuff and knitted edge, 100% superfine Egyptian cotton, with clean, soft and brilliant texture for an ultralight and comfortable garment, peach color. Glamour and...